Win a Ticket + Lodging to MozCon 2017 – On Us!


Believe it or not! We’re bringing back our MozCon challenge where you, our area, present your creative areas for a chance to arrive at MozCon 2017 ceaselessly! Last year we had such ceaseless faltering and supporting sections, it was hard to pick just one… which is the explanation this year there will be three lucky victors. Absolutely! You read sensibly – three lucky people will genuinely need to go to MozCon greatly. Moz won’t simply cover your enlistment, but you’ll what’s more have saved VIP first part seating, and we’ll get the bill for working environments at the Grand Hyatt.

This is your chance to meet Roger, laugh and cry at MozCon Ignite, talk with speakers during lunch, and clearly arise as OK with everything! To enter, basically send over a remarkable piece of content uncovering to us why we should send you to MozCon. Guarantee your entry is both remarkable and inventive!

First up: Create!

Conceptualize and make something different, astounding, and persuading. Last year we saw gigantic heaps of dazzling thoughts, including:

Accounts (ought to be one second or less)

Blog fragments




Slide decks

Whatever else you can conceptualize!

These are several models; there’s an immense heap of room for you to devise your own investigating bits of knowledge. Perhaps you’ll film your own Whiteboard Friday counting why you should come, or record an incredibly made, sung-from-the-heart tune concerning why you love MozCon? Get imaginative and show us what you got!

Furthermore: Submit

Precisely when your substance has been done and is ready to share, tweet us a connection @Moz and use the hashtag #mozcon by Sunday, June 18 at 5:00pm PDT. To keep things sensible, there will be no remarkable cases – so try to hold speedy to rules and attempt to join your contact information (name and email address) some spot plausibly obvious inside your substance. We ought to have the choice to connect with you enduring that you’re a champ!

All passages will be surveyed and picked by Moz staff. We’ll let the votes of 150 Mozzers pick the best 3 districts.

Would we have the option to segregate it:

Passages close on Sunday, June 18 at 5:00pm PDT

Regions will be picked by Mozzers reliant upon imaginativeness and uniqueness of content

Victors will be verbalized and the victorious section shared from @Moz through Twitter on Monday, June 26

You ought to have the choice to go to MozCon, July 17-19 2017, in Seattle. Prizes are non-transferrable.

All segments should hold quick to the MozCon Code of Conduct

Challenge is void where impeded by law.

The value of the prize will be tended to charge purposes as lawfully key; the victor will get an IRS structure 1099 close to the completing of the timetable year and a copy of such advancement will be recorded with the IRS. The champ is only responsible for getting sorted out and paying really critical assessments associated with the prizes and paying any expenses related with any prize which are not unequivocally obliged in the power rules.

What 3 lucky people win:

A free pass to MozCon 2017, including optional VIP first part seating (regarded at $1049)

Working environments with suite update at the Grand Hyatt from July 16-20, 2017 (regarded at $1,300+)

OK, what are you checking things for? Time to start those areas. Best of luck to every one of you!

About Danielle Launders –

I’m Moz’s Community Events Manager! I base on welcoming on the web and disengaged experiences to our area pleasing stations, MozCon, MozTalk, and that is only the start. In my additional time I’m contributing energy with my Frenchbulldog, Sir Winston Snortalot, or researching Seattle.


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